When It Comes to Analytics, Can We Really Celebrate Our Independence?

Business Users Need Self-Service Analytic Solutions To Keep Pace with the Business

With the abundance of available information both in the market and in your organization, business users today need strong analytical tools to be able to take advantage of all that data. You have to be on top of the latest information, because if you aren’t, your competitor will be – you can’t afford to take that risk. But, data is changing so quickly: new products, new markets, new prescribers, new payers, new regulations, and more. It’s hard to keep up with all the changing datasets!

IT departments used to generate reports that sliced and diced this data, but by the time you received these reports, they were often out-of-date. Today, the only way to keep up with the fast pace of business is through a self-service analytical solution, which allows you access to the latest, most up-to-date data. Through an easy to use business user interface, you can extract exactly what you need to answer your specific business questions. Self-service analytic solutions allow you to find the answers you require throughout your daily work, without the IT department’s involvement. The self-service approach allows business users to find immediate answers to their burning questions and frees the IT department to focus on more strategic and complex issues, thus creating a clear win-win situation that boosts the independence of both sides – the IT department and business users, who were previously extremely dependent on reports from IT.

So, are you really analytically independent? Do you have full control over your work, your pace, and your ambitions to shine (and outshine) your colleagues? Self-service business analytics gives you the power to improve your business’ performance. Now, that’s something to celebrate!