Collaboration: The Solution to Common Pharma Problems

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Collaboration is not just a dream that your executives wish they could achieve. It’s a reality that is certainly attainable; a reality that Pharma companies are consistently pursuing – to have access to a single version of truth across your Pharma brand. In this Pharma Collaboration series, we highlight recent discussions with industry insiders and take a look at how collaborative efforts within the Pharma organization, with patients and in technology can give Pharma the upper hand it needs to corner the market.

Is your sales and marketing departments in a Romeo and Juliet phase or is it more like War of the Roses, with blood pitted against blood, in your organization? In the long-time contentious relationship that exists between brands and sales in organizations across industries, we take a look at how reconciliation is possible when a shared data analytics and communication bridges the gap in “Brand & Sales Collaboration: Enemies or Brothers in Arms?”

Does your Pharma organization know that the relationship with patients has changed? Instead of doling out drugs with blind acceptance, patients want a seat at the table. They’re interested in overall health, and Pharma can take attract and retain prospective customers by changing the nature of the relationship to one that provides more information to “customers” about the “product” they need. Learn more about the collaborative nature of the healthcare-patient relationship, where data analytics plays a key role in uncovering what patients want and how to best serve them, in “Empowering the Patient.”

Finally, we’re serving up a discussion about Pharma and technology in two articles: “Are Tech & Pharma ‘Collaborators’ the Key to Innovation” and “Technology and Pharma: A How-to Guide for Collaboration.” Hear from independent digital healthcare consultant, Len Starnes, as he predicts the significant contribution technology partnerships will have for Pharma’s future. David Purdie, President of the Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA), discusses the secret ingredient that makes technology partnerships so enticing for Pharma. The innovative companies can teach Pharma organizations much about agile operations and overcoming common industry problems.

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