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A single optimization platform for the entire commercial stack

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Verix platform harnesses the power of AI to eliminate silos, empower data-driven teamwork, and bring value to all stakeholders within pharma companies These days, there’s no shortage of data out in the digi-verse. Physicians are constantly…

Even with Limited Available Data, Small and Mid-size Pharma Companies Can Greatly Benefit from a Data-driven AI Platform

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TL;DR: Thanks to today’s advanced AI/ML solutions, even smaller pharma companies can use technology to make the most of their data and avoid business mistakes. When it comes to making smart decisions for your pharmaceutical business, data…
Data collaboration through storiesVerix

Five different ways to tell your story

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Accessible and actionable data are two basic stepping-stones for efficient data analyses. However, in today’s working environments, these are not enough, and to create truly successful working conditions that drive business growth, data…

Commercialising AI: Are We There Yet?

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The business case for wholesale adoption of AI doesn’t need to be made. But how far along is pharma? Advanced analytics and machine learning are the words on everyone’s lips in pharma right now. Companies big and small are…