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Top Pharma Stories to Close off the Summer

What’s better than a sunny last-of-the-summer day? Exciting ideas driving the Pharma industry. With many setbacks along the way, it seems Pharma is on the cusp of a data solution that will promote growth, while out-of-the-box innovation is fueling startups. Patient-engagement strategies are also tipping the scales, helping Pharma finally connect with patients and consumers. […]

Technology and Pharma: A How-to Guide for Collaboration

In the midst of a fury of M&As and buyouts, the next big trend in Pharma isn’t the takeover. Innovators in the industry are seeing the advantages of partnerships, specifically with creative technology companies. Instead of buying them out, however, pharma and technology are learning to collaborate, with each bringing a unique skillset to the […]

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A Hodge-Podge of Pharma Lessons Before Summer Winds Down

There’s no slow-down in marketing news and trends, just because the summer hiatus continues. In this week’s curation, you’ll learn the downside of extending your reach on social media via questionable celebrities and why the Alphabet may be the savior of healthcare. Netflix and a digital strategy offer unique lessons on growth, and Pharma risks […]

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The Industry’s Top Stories on Futuristic Pharma

Futuristic Pharma, in some cases, is right at your doorstep. The possibilities for technologies, trends and solutions are endless, spreading like wildfire across the pharma landscape. While some changes are decades away, others are on the brink of becoming a reality. From 3-D printers in your kitchen to the role doctor’s will play in transforming […]


Patient-Generated Health Data: FDA & PatientsLikeMe Collaboration Lighting the Way for Pharma

The recent partnership between the FDA and PatientsLikeMe is putting the concept of patient-generated health data front-and-center. An online patient-networking forum, PatientsLikeMe is likely the first iteration of other programs to come that leverage patient-reported information. In this case, the outcome of the partnership is to hopefully improve drug safety-monitoring efforts on the part of […]