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Collaboration: The Solution to Common Pharma Problems

Collaboration is not just a dream that your executives wish they could achieve. It’s a reality that is certainly attainable; a reality that Pharma companies are consistently pursuing – to have access to a single version of truth across your Pharma brand. In this Pharma Collaboration series, we highlight recent discussions with industry insiders and […]

Mid-Year Top 50 Pharma Articles

It’s clear that big data and analytics have stolen many a pharma headline this year. With a little help from Kim Kardashian’s endorsement of Diclegis, an anti-nausea drug used to treat morning sickness, the healthcare industry is learning a thing or two about what works in marketing, too. From patient centricity to what’s working in […]

Pharma Trends – 2015 Midpoint Health Check

It’s halfway through the year and high time we took the temperature of 2015’s current trends in pharma. In case 2014 is already a fading memory, here’s a quick reminder of what we were thinking six months ago: We were celebrating the impact of the ice bucket challenge (remember that?) and wondering what’s next after […]


Successful Execution of Physician Segmentation: Setting the Sales Force up for Success

Proper segmentation – and physician attribution to segments – can help your Pharma organization win the war against poor or unwieldy data. Pharma organizations can successfully execute a physician segmentation strategy only when a strong analytics solution drives the effort. This “segmentation attack plan” makes all the difference for your sales effectiveness. You wouldn’t send […]