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Not On the Medication Alone: This Is How Pharma Can Help Contain the Diabetes Epidemic

The growing diabetes epidemic, globally and in the U.S. specifically, is a phenomenon deeply addressed by the Pharma industry, with constant innovation and educational efforts being invested in prevention and proper treatments. The yearly National Diabetes Month for raising awareness is a yet another great opportunity for the industry to discuss its vital role in […]

If There Was a Pharma Genie, What Would You Ask For?

A guide to the perfect drug-launch perhaps? Well, you’re in luck! Though not exactly a genie per se… We do have some very exciting news for all you pharma executives out there: Coming out soon, Verix is launching a brand new website dedicated to helping you create the best drug launch possible in today’s increasingly complex Life […]

5 Pharma Articles to Heal Your Bad Habits

Winter is a heavenly time to stay home in the evening and have a nice homemade meal. Sounds like a healthy and straightforward thought, but there is more. Other than relaxing and resting in the comfort of your private habitat, it seems that we may have found a way to lower type-2 diabetes risk. A […]

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5 Big Data Articles to Top Off Your Week

National Diabetes Month is observed every November to draw attention to diabetes and its effects on millions of Americans. This year’s theme “Diabetes Education and Support: Everyone Has a Role. What’s Your’s?” highlights the need for ongoing diabetes education and support among people with diabetes and those who care for them. Surprisingly enough, we could not […]

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5 Pharma & Big Data Analytics Treats for Halloween

This week’s compile opens up with interesting “musings” from our friend Paul Tunnah on what an Uber for Pharma might look like. The internet has definitely unlocked potential for disruptive business models taking the lead over traditional companies.  What would have been totally impossible in the pre-digital world of “physical business” is now a given. […]