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You Got a Great CRM Tool With No Insights in Sight? Isn’t It Ironic..?

The Pharma industry continuously strives to make the world a better place by discovering and developing new and improved drugs and treatments. But these efforts might be hindered by insufficient or ineffective commercialization tactics. Realizing that, Pharma executives are constantly searching for a solution that can make the most out of their data, and provide […]


Pharma Sales Effectiveness: How to Stay Ahead of the Pack

“Remember the days…” reminisces Mark Degatano, “When the only available information on new Pharmaceutical products came from the sales reps themselves? A one-on-one visit to the clinic and a personal physician-rep acquaintance?” Degatano, a seasoned Pharma expert with thirty-plus years of commercial operations under his belt, can remember those halcyon times. “Those days are long […]

4 Ways to Leverage Analytics to Smart Decision Making

In science, often times the simplest explanation is the right one. Similarly, we believe business analytics should provide you with the simplest explanations to the complex truths hidden in your data. And so, every decision maker in your business should be equipped with the right tool to translate clustered data into rational conclusions leading to […]

Verix Helps Bayer Successfully Launch New Oncology Drugs

Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceutical is a large multinational company with 37,700 employees and net sales of €11B. In 2012 Bayer US Pharma was set to launch two new high profile oncology drugs. Managing drug launches is complicated, with incoming data from multiple sources that must be integrated into a single comprehensive picture. The first three months […]


Agile BI – What’s in a name?

Lately, wherever I go, I hear the term Agile BI – customers ask for it, analysts write about it, competitors boast about it, there’s even a Wikipedia entry about it. But, what do they actually mean by ‘Agile BI’? Do they all mean the same thing? Is there one ‘correct’ meaning to it? Apparently, there […]