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Model selection for successful AI-based innovation adoption

Build your own, buy off-the-shelf, or a hybrid version of both? The life sciences industry is experiencing a wave of growth driven by innovative technologies and advanced research. COVID-19 has further cemented the strength of the industry by demonstrating to the world how technology and science open the door to a better future. This growth […]

Case Study: IronShore New ADHD Medicine Launch

“Verix came up with innovative solutions to overcome hurdles and provide us with a very timely and extremely useful platform that helps us ensure the quality and effectiveness of our product launch from day one.” – Amin Torabkhani, Director of Sales Operations & Analytics at Ironshore Overview When Ironshore Pharmaceuticals was about to commercialize JornayPM […]

Case Study: Translating Machine Learning Into Business Value

  Overview A leading provider in the US market of medical imaging devices, related disposable parts and consumable substances, wanted to streamline its operations to grow market share while increasing efficiency of the field and home office teams. Brand management realized that their marketing and sales efforts are not focused enough on potential risk to […]

Shannon Campbell Joins Advisory Board at Verix

Verix, a leading provider of AI-Driven analytic solutions for life sciences’ business functions, announced today the appointment of Shannon Campbell to the company’s Advisory Board.  Ms. Campbell, a veteran healthcare leader with over 25 years of experience in strategic roles at top biopharmaceutical companies, including Merus, Novartis, Bayer, and Abbott Labs. Shannon possesses a passion for commercial effectiveness and significant […]

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The Advantages of Customer Data Platforms (CDP) for the Pharma Industry

The modern consumer is increasingly more knowledgeable, discerning, and demanding than ever before. Access to the internet and the convenience of online shopping has supercharged consumers’ expectations for efficient and effective journeys through the sales funnel, and the latest technological advances in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and personalization have allowed them […]

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How to grasp a significant stake of your pharma market?

How to grasp a significant stake of your pharma market? From effective strategy to efficient execution The pharmaceutical marketing landscape is extremely dynamic and ever-evolving, with shifts drastically influencing how pharmaceutical companies opt to optimize their patient/caregiver-company communications and drug promotion strategies. With the industry’s digital transformation, the development and distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine, […]


Unleashing the power of AI/ML by upskilling business users

The emerging role of citizen data scientist in Pharma Commercial Operations.   Pharma and biotech companies, especially those introducing first-in-class Specialty & Oncology drugs, with added complexity such as novel mechanisms of action and special supply chain considerations, face many challenges to successfully market and sell their products. Mounting competition, as more drugs launch in […]