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5 Trending Pharma Articles to Top Off Your Week

Golden Goose: “A legendary goose that laid one golden egg a day and was killed by its impatient owner, who wanted all the gold immediately”. That same golden goose…if it was yours… would you give it away? According to Dr. Andree Bates, Pharma is letting go of the goose and the gold by giving away […]


5 Trending Pharma Articles That Move the Meter

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.” said President Lincoln. In light of the growing complexity and ever increasing volume of available data in the healthcare market, it is time to review methodologies used for analyzing business information. Traditionally, Commercial Operations in the healthcare industry didn’t approach […]


5 Trending Pharma Articles to Start Off the Month

Just as the groundhog has been thought to have predictive abilities, identifying the end of winter and start of spring, today’s technology has found a way to provide us with crucial business answers that we would have never been able to discover before. Technology has presented tools that can bridge the gap between health care […]

Closed Loop Marketing Done Right, Significantly Drives ROI

The more you know about your customers, the better your marketing will be and subsequently, the better your sales. However, is it really that simple? If you’ve ever tried to dip your feet in the murky waters of marketing, especially in the complicated world of Pharma, you know how far-fetched this statement is. The truth […]

The 4 Knows of a Drug Launch Officer

The changing health care landscape requires innovative, data-driven approaches to drug launches. The one-size-fits all approach to launching a blockbuster drug every other year is now giving way to smaller, more frequent tailored launches of pipeline drugs. An analysis by Bain & Company found that half of all launches did not meet expected levels during […]

Patient Centricity: Beyond the Wall or Beyond the Milky Way?

Call it advocacy groups, health consumer advocates, consumer organizations, bloggers… the patient voice is more powerful than ever. “Listen up!” they say. If you really want to understand what’s affecting people with any condition, look at their communities, because that’s where you will hear the truth. It’s hard to be a patient. Every day is […]

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How Healthy is the Pharma Industry?

In May 2014, 971 executives were asked their opinion on the health and future of the pharmaceutical industry. The survey was global with a relatively senior breakdown of functions with marketing, sales and general management being the most dominant areas. Respondents were asked, among other things, about the Pharma industry’s reputation, regulations, and intentions to stay […]


PMSA 2014 Conference – Verix is All the Buzz

It was a great show for Verix at the PMSA 2014 Conference in Orlando, Florida, as 300+ influential minds from the pharmaceutical commercial operations industry such as Pfizer, Eli Lilly & Company, Bayer, and Janssen Pharmaceutical, Inc. came together to focus on how to utilize data to create a better future. The Hyatt Grand Cyprus Resort […]