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On Dinner, Reports and Managed Markets

Sometimes dinner talk in not only about the kids, logistics, summer camps and what to do with hyperactive teens during the holiday. Sometimes, and only sometimes, heavy questions land on the table with ease, for which I have no real answers. Take, for example, my husband’s question last evening. Mr. H is CXO of a […]


Brand & Sales Collaboration: Enemies or Brothers in Arms?

To start our series on the fruitful benefits of collaboration in the Pharma industry, we chose to discuss a well-familiar, in-house, long-existing, dichotomous relationship between brands and sales, and how a reconciliation between them, based on a shared platform of data analytics and communication, can truly save the day when it comes to success in […]

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Pharma Looks Forward: How Innovations and Trends Predict the Industry’s Future

The distraction of the sun and fun summer activities shouldn’t detract from Pharma’s future-forward actions. The evidence is clear and organizations are forging a new path based on digital technology’s transformative power. With your glass of crisp Chardonnay in hand, discover how innovative apps, organ chips (no, not the kind you eat), mobile health and […]

Taking Pharma to the Future with Out-Of-The-Box Collaborations

A New Blog-Post Series on Important Collaborations in Pharma The Pharma industry today is coping with its biggest challenges yet, mainly originating from the prospects new technology brings with it; on the one hand Big Data, self-diagnostic technologies, and the consequent data democratization potential, and on the other, government’s new requirements and restrictions on the […]

Will Patient-Generated Health Data Change the Face of the Pharma Industry?

Data discrepancies caused by missing patient data is a well-known phenomena across the Pharma Industry (for an elaborate account see this article). But, it seems technology, along with a variety of health-care related government initiatives such as the ACA (Affordable Care Act) or the ARRA (The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act), etc., are creating a […]


5 “Oscar-Winning” Big Data Articles of the Week

And the Oscar goes to… data scientists…. Predicting Oscar winners at the Annual Academy awards show is a well-established tradition among movie experts, entertainment press and bet placers of all kinds. Recent years, have brought new comers to the guessing game with data scientists demonstrating the power of prediction models. While this year’s results might […]