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3 Secret Lessons David Bowie Could Teach Pharma

“David Bowie predicted the future of music a long time ago,” states Mathew Ingram of Fortune. But, what many have failed to notice is Bowie’s extreme success as a business genius and visionary entrepreneur. In a recent Fortune article, Bruce Weinstein presents a deeper look at how the Thin White Duke ran his commercial career. […]

Hollywood & Pharma – Who Are the People Who Made 2015 ‘Juicy’?

We know what you’re thinking… With so many sum-umps and reviews, you just can’t stand to read yet another Pharma trend sum-up. We know, because that’s what we were thinking too. So, this year we’ve decided to spice things up a little bit, because  it’s the holiday season and you deserve some rest and, well…because […]

5 Tips Pharma Sales VPs Must Know Before This Year’s Wrap-Up

Quarterly reports bring about the usual amount of stress across all business departments, but it seems the greatest quivers occur in the beating pulse of the business – the sales department. The Responsibility With Wall Street analysts and investors awaiting your updated sales forecast – it should very well be right! Stressful, Right? It is […]

Are Data Discrepancies Diminishing Sales Efforts?

It’s a trifecta that doesn’t happen very often. The conglomerate of data your sales team has to deal with in order to put together an effective pitch is staggering. Before the sales team can get to work, it needs to manipulate data about the doctors they’re going to visit, including market, treatments, and medicine data, […]