An Interview with Andy Walter

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“6-8 weeks to have a solution running, creating value right away through helping the sales force, helping the business process, and drive the end business results.”

Andy Walter, former IT VP at Procter & Gamble, speaks about how Verix designs its solutions to deliver value fast.

“Q- You run your own advisory board today and work with a lot of startups, what made you select Verix?”

“A- Great Question! I’m in a great position to only work with people I want to work with. There are three elements I was looking for with any companies I decided to partner with, and Verix qualifies on all three: 

1. First and foremost, are they thought leaders in their area? 

2. Do they really want to create strategic partnerships with their clients?

3. Are they focused on creating value?”

My career across P&G was all about value and I want to partner with folks that are also focused in the same way. 

 Watch this short interview to learn more about how fast implementation delivers real value.