The Affordable Care Act – The Importance of This Revolutionary Program on Pharma

On the 10th day of Christmas my true love sent to me:
The Affordable Care Act in a yellow bow and a red string.

Much has been discussed on the ACA’s success rate or failure, since its launch in January 2014. However, for our 10th day of carol we chose to emphasize the importance of this revolutionary program on Pharma.

Despite various projections on the price pharmaceutical companies would have to pay for this ACA, the actual results seem to be beneficial for the Pharma industry. We’re basically talking a loss of $20 billion for prescription drugs rebates, and up to $30 billion for excises taxes on branded drugs, by 2021. However the overall effect of the ACA is expected to leave the industry with anywhere between $10 and $35 billion in additional profits over the next decade.

And so, while Pharma is facing challenging times with expiring blockbuster drug patents, the Affordable Care Act is revealed as this year’s financial lifeline. Now it’s up to Pharma to leverage the ACA, even if it means sacrificing a little – the shared objective here is, once again, achieving better outcomes, with better quality healthcare, for lower costs.


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