A single optimization platform for the entire commercial stack

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Verix platform harnesses the power of AI to eliminate silos, empower data-driven teamwork, and bring value to all stakeholders within pharma companies

These days, there’s no shortage of data out in the digi-verse. Physicians are constantly being bombarded with information about new therapies, studies, competitors etc. All the while, pharma manufacturers are fighting to capture and hold onto physicians’ attention, and this phenomenon has been further exacerbated post-Covid, as it has become even harder for pharmaceutical company representatives to gain access to face-to-face meetings with HCPs.

Across the pharma industry, several different types of stakeholders continue to struggle to overcome these obstacles and elevate their entire company’s commercial performance.  Each stakeholder and role has its own unique requirements and needs specific information, to help them reach their KPIs. Thanks to the Verix platform, they can!

Verix enables life-sciences companies to harness the power of data and reach the right target, at the right time. Serving as a single, dynamic, and holistic source of truth, the platform harnesses the power of AI/ML to determine which segments are most relevant to your offering and craft a strategy according to the customer’s immediate needs, while opening the doors to unprecedented, transparent, and continuous communication between all stakeholders, company-wide, for enhanced performance and results.

Let’s take a closer look at four main stakeholders within the pharma industry – their goals and how the Verix platform empowers them to target the right HCPS, at the right time, engage with the right message, on the right channels, optimize commercial effectiveness, accelerate business growth, and excel.

Commercial Operations professionals want to plan and execute winning strategies without a hitch

By utilizing the Verix platform’s advanced analytics capabilities, Commercial Operations professionals can predict the outcomes of several scenarios and act upon these predictions to enhance their performance. Namely, Verix enables them to identify the right targets with the highest propensity to buy, keep up with changing market dynamics to optimize and evolve their sales and marketing strategies, and more effectively engage each and every potential customer.  This, while injecting exceptional transparency across all team activities.

Data team members want to use data in a smarter way, to deliver more accurate, data-based recommendations to all business teams

Verix’s single source of truth gathers and analyzes multiple data sources and combines internal human intelligence with artificial intelligence to perform predictive, bottom-up analyses, on-demand, using a no-code UI. This enables Data teams to streamline relevant, data-driven insights and recommendations in real-time to all business teams, enhance cross-organizational communication, and cultivate a culture of data-driven work and decision-making within the company.

Sales teams want to up the efficiency of their efforts and win every sale

Verix empowers Sales teams with explainable target lists that address each HCP with the right message, and enables salespeople to engage with each HCP in a highly personalized manner. With Verix, Sales teams can access an unmatched repository of all the relevant information about HCPs’, patients’ and payers’ behavior, preferences, and needs, as well as AI/ML-based recommendations that inform exactly how the pharma company makes sure they’re met.

Marketing teams want to optimize messages and channels to boost, engagement, and conversions

The Verix platform provides Marketing teams with all the information and insights they need to plan multi-channel marketing strategies, based on HCP preferences. In doing so, HCPs can easily be presented with relevant, high-quality, personalized messages on their preferred channels, upping the company’s odds of increasing engagement. Additionally, advanced analytics allow marketers to continually measure and optimize results on the fly, resulting in superior returns.

A single source of truth for the entire commercial stack!

Using Verix’s single source of truth platform, pharma companies can adopt a dynamic approach that allows them to better understand and engage with HCPs, seize opportunities, and scale. The platform’s advanced AI/ML analysis and accurate predictions will help the entire commercial team align, collaborate, incorporate human intelligence and artificial intelligence, and make better, data-driven decisions that ultimately lead to business success.

Companies that shifted from the traditional approach to the Verix platform-based approach benefit from a 40% increase in HCP engagement, as well as a 30% increase in TRx & NBRx performance per HCP. If you want to overcome pressing challenges, make the most of your data, and successfully connect with more HCPs, contact the Verix team about boosting your team, today!