A Revolution? Analytics Democratization Now!

One of the biggest challenges faced by life sciences organizations today is staying efficient and profitable in a time of continuous changes of regulations, an overwhelming abundance of data, and the growing complexity of technology.

As a result, the need to cut in costs in the pharmaceutical industry is often translated into pressure on commercial operations, as management presses to conduct more and more market research and analyze the business landscape, in order to make better informed business decisions.

In order to face these challenges successfully, high level managers in the Pharma industry need immediate, direct and easy access to real-time data. They simply cannot be dependent on other departments providing them with mediated stats and slow-to-come answers to pressing questions.

Data needs to be presented in a way easily understood and consumed by high level business users; it needs to be democratized! This means making data analytics accessible to a broader base of frontline users, freeing the analytics teams to perform the deeper analyses and answer the more complex questions.

In short, the industry is calling for a solution that provides decision makers, from VPs to Managers, with on-the-spot accurate, relevant data insights they can act upon in real-time. And more importantly, they need to be able to get it themselves…

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