A Photo Op With My Orange Friend

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Last week we participated in the Partners Pavilion of the Veeva Global Customer Summit in Philadelphia. Was great to meet many of our common customers and others that are just now getting ready for the next step beyond CRM, and loved to learn how Verix integrates Veeva, or other CRM input, among many other sources of data, to create one big picture of the business and the market place. Forming a big picture that includes a broad view of all potential influences on the organization, from marketing and sales, through finances and business development, breaks the silo effect, that all too often skews analytics by looking only at a partial picture and ignoring influences that might be essential. Veeva customers already have their CRM in place and hence are in a great position to move forward, to a deeper level of analytics. They were excited to learn about the Verix Analytical applications that are tailored for specific processes and specific roles in the organization, amalgamating business logic to provide true decision support.

Was very interesting to hear the keynote session by Peter Gassner, founder and CEO of Veeva, who announced some new Veeva products to further raise the bar of commercial solutions for life sciences. Notoriously, there has been a lot of conservatism in commercial solutions for this market, and it’s great to see how finally life sciences companies are opening up to adopt more sophisticated solutions from key vendors in the industry. Solutions that make life easier, save time and money, and substantially improve the bottom line results.  Among the newly announced Veeva solutions I especially liked the premise of Veeva Network, a cloud-based customer master data solution, which will combine healthcare professional, healthcare organization, and affiliations data in one central solution. Very cool!

Also very popular this year, are solutions designed for tablets. The iPad is still king, dominating the life sciences as well as so many other markets, though Microsoft is pushing hard their windows 8 based alternative. When selecting a solution for tablet users it is important to verify that it was designed appropriately for that platform, to avoid awkward dashboard views that are more confusing than helpful.

All in all a very inspiring opportunity to meet customers and prospects and share some great ideas, which is always exciting.