A Peek into the Future of Pharma – 2016 Annual Influencers Outlook


How will technology change the way you think about Pharma? The way you make business decisions? The best way to find out is by listening to the voices from inside the industry.

There’s no need for yet another 2016 Pharma trend predictions article, right? We’re already flooded with those… Instead, we decided to deal with the real earthquake shaking the industry (and our world): the undergoing technological revolution.

This Outlook is dedicated to discuss the ways in which technology is shaping the future of Pharma, from the very inside, in the eyes of the people from the industry.

And so we reached out to some of the industry’s most interesting opinion leaders, to see how they perceive the dynamics that change our world at large, and the industry in particular.

What we got was a fascinating account: from election year, the new block chain technology, revolutionary diagnostics methods and hi-tech collaborations, to digital communications and social media- our influencers talk about it all, and more.

So if you want to get a taste of what the future holds for Pharma, and for all of us, we invite you to read about the digital health revolution, Pharma ‘beyond the pill’, life-changing data analytics, patient engagement in therapy and so much more, in our 2016 Annual Influencers Outlook.

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“All technology is communication, an extension of ourselves that allows us to reach further through time and/or space”

Marshall McLuhan