A Glimpse Into 2016: 5 Pharma and Data Articles to Wrap Up Your Week

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Oprah Winfrey said “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” Working on the Pharma Influencers Outlook for 2016, I hope we are indeed on track to get it right. Some of the responses we have received to our appeal in the past month sounded, unfortunately, too pessimistic. Just to quote one, “Nothing different to say.  Industry is still not entirely getting it!”. Is it indeed not entirely getting it? Aren’t some of us judging a bit too ruthlessly?

This week’s compile presents a few articles giving predictions for 2016 and as far as 2025. The Future Agenda Open Foresight Program takes us to the future, examining key themes that are likely to affect the healthcare sector in 10 years’ time. From increased access to personal health data, predictive analysis and genetic profiling, to the explosion in the rate of chronic diseases and more, health challenges are shifting.

How will the industry respond? Will “we get it”? This is yet to be seen.

Read on to discover 22 data experts’ predictions for 2016, how to use change for competitive advantage, the journey to data driven nirvana and more.

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1. The Future of Healthcare – A Challenge For All

By Louise Fox, published on pharmaphorum

A recent Future Agenda workshop brought together 24 health and technology experts to discuss the challenges facing the healthcare sector. Looking into the future, it seems there will be a need to provide insights and solutions to four main challenges: adapting healthcare models to increasing healthcare data needs and requirement, providing solutions for aging population, creating modern strategies to deal with the exploding rate of chronic diseases and engineering solution for worldwide access to modern healthcare. This article, the first of a series, explores some of the questions surrounding these challenges, as well as possible solutions the industry is contemplating.

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2. Adaptability: Using Change for Competitive Advantage

By Preeti Patel and Sophie Schmitz, published on eyeforpharma

The importance of adaptability to a changing environment is not a new concept, as clearly stated by Darwin in his “Origin of Species” in 1859. Adaptability is crucial for survival, for species and industries alike. This proves to be a very serious challenge in this day and age of astronomically rapid changes. The life sciences industry is constantly facing great environmental shifts, from legal reforms to changing definitions of value. One would think that this would make life sciences companies’ experts in adaptability. Yet, the reality is quite different- many companies struggle with adapting to change, and according to Patel & Schmitz, the reasons and expressions of this phenomenon could be attributed to their proprietary PUSHBACK model.

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3. There are No Shortcuts in the Journey to Data-Driven Nirvana

By Joe McKendrick, published on informatica blog

In the data-driven world of 2015, becoming a data-driven organization is imperative through most industries. And while some organizations would like to make the shift, in practice, they find it difficult to implement. This article, detailing findings from a recent EY and Forbes Insights survey of 564 high-level executives proves insightful for those who want to know why successful data-driven organizations behave differently. Survey results clearly show that turning an organization into a data-driven one requires incorporating practices and routines into the core fiber of the company.  And no… there are no shortcuts to succeeding in the process.

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4. 2015 Pharma Year In Review

By the Business Department of C&EN

The end of the year is always a great time for reflection; the process of looking at highlights, crisis, issues and challenges – helps us come to terms with the passing year and derive insights for the year to come. This is exactly what the busy C&EN team did! This comprehensive overview of 2015 in Pharma relates to almost all important industry topics including: mergers, drug launches, drug costs debate, biotechnology innovations, healthcare trends and more. What is left for us to do is to sit back and review.

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5. 22 Data Experts Share Their Predictions For 2016

Published on import.io

Just as the end of the year is a time for reflection, so it is a great time for speculations. A new year always brings a promise of rejuvenation, prosperity and hope, whether on a personal or a business level. And since data is our business, we are always very interested to know more about what the year to come has in store. That’s why, in our opinion, this piece, a collection of educated speculations from 22 data experts, is an interesting read for all big data analytics enthusiasts out there. Enjoy!

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