7 Trending Big Pharma Articles Leading Into 2015

2014 is wrapping up and with it come outlooks for 2015 and the years to come.  What are the big ideas shaping the future of Pharma? What does the 2015 pipeline for new therapies look like?  What are some of the most exciting new health technologies around today? Can Big Data transform healthcare? Where are big data and analytics headed? These questions and more are covered in this week’s latest big pharma articles.

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1. Healthcare Innovation: The Big Ideas Shaping the Future of Pharma

By David Rowley, published on Pharmaphorum

The transformation taking place in healthcare is challenging for everyone and adaptability is key for the pharma industry’s continued success.

Long production cycles, concentration on specialist drugs with high price tags, a focus on patients in decision making, the technology enabling patients to connect and share experiences, and reimbursement based on their treatment outcomes are all factors shattering conventions.

With finite budgets, healthcare systems are recognizing that individuals need to take responsibility for their own wellbeing Read on to discover where the new framework in healthcare is headed.

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2. 2015 Pipeline Report: Burning Bright

By Josh Baxt, published on PharmaExec.com

Tracking new therapies as they wind their way through development, regulatory approval, and payer acceptance can be a long and painful process. This is especially true for potentially groundbreaking drugs, disruptive technologies that completely upend markets and patient care. In this article, Josh Baxt reviews new therapies in the pipeline, from a cure for hepatitis C virus, drugs for heart failure and cholesterolemia to stem cells.

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3. The Healthcare Technology I’m Most Excited About

By The Motley Fool Staff, published on The Motley Fool

Healthcare is hot. Tech is hot. Put them together and you have a sector that generates a lot of enthusiasm in the investment community. The Motley Fool asked three of its top healthcare contributors to share which healthcare technology excites the most and which areas investors should follow closely.

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4. Big Data Has the Potential to Transform Health Care

By Stefan Groschupf, published on Entrepreneur.com

The growing sum of information at our fingertips is being analyzed and used to do everything from predict crime to accelerate business growth. And now, innovative companies are using it to make health care better.

The growing amount of medical data holds the clues to predicting flu outbreaks, preventing diseases, cutting medical costs and improving overall patient care. Given all these promises, it’s no surprise that medical data is in the spotlight when the main challenge remains gathering and analyzing valuable insights.

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5. Where are big data and analytics heading in 2015?

By Rebecca Merrett, published on CIO.com

According to Rebecca Merrett, Big data and analytics in 2015 will be less about collecting everything and anything and more about focusing on the most relevant data for actionable insights, according to analysts. More organisations will also look at how machine generated data can add value to their business, not just data coming from customers or employees. Read on to discover what’s ahead and interestingly how women’s lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret, used smart data to help husbands, boyfriends and partners make the right purchase for their loved ones.

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6. $2.6 Billion to Develop a Drug? New Estimate Makes Questionable Assumptions

By Aaron E. Carroll, published on The New York Times

What do you think it costs to develop a new drug? The Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development finally released the results and they will astound you. “At $2.6 billion, this figure is bound to get a lot of attention,” claims Aaron E. Carroll. Read more to discover the intriguing findings and commentary on the study.

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7. Healthcare Wearables: Pharma Can Lead Where Tech Companies Fear to Tread

published on Verix Blog

Tech firms are jumping into healthcare wearables feet first. From the Jawbone Up to Microsoft’s Healthband, the Fitbit Surge and Apple’s Watch, every week seems to see the launch of a new gadget that snaps onto your wrist or ankle and offers to map your run, count your pushups, track your heartrate, monitor your calories or even your exposure to UV light.

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