7 Tips to Recover from Your Big Data Hangover

Hurray! Here comes the next holiday (or almost a holiday…! St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of a devoted saint, of the coming of spring, and of many other things.

But, just between us, it’s mainly a celebration of good food and beer, of getting together with friends and spending maybe a bit too much time at the local pub…in other words – enjoying the Craic!

Alas, there always comes the next morning with that all-too-familiar feeling – the hangover – that’s the one.

Luckily, far, far away from these festive occasions, in the parallel universe of Big Data, we’ve noticed a surprising resemblance between a data hangover and a St. Patrick’s one. So, we’ve assembled a few tips to help you survive the morning after, and recover from your hangover (whichever it is…).

With that, here goes – 7 tips to recover from your hangover:

1. When feeling dizzy

Try focusing on one point in space; consistent eye focus diminishes the dizziness effect. When data seems overwhelming, focusing your attention in one place helps you find your way, and identify true insights out of the blur.

2. When feeling thirsty

Don’t fight it, keep drinking water to maintain your fluid levels. But keep it in small sips! Same goes for data- you have to keep collecting and gathering more requirements from the users, and then streamline the analytic solutions smartly, but again- in small sips!

3. When your appetite is back

As hungry as you are, try focusing on ‘meaty’ foods; they can help slow the hunger down. In identifying the ‘meaty’ insights, you limit your ‘hunger’ for more reports, which sometimes may lead to data manipulation.

4. Remedies & medications

Never exaggerate with these, and always pay attention to the prescribed doses. Because while a few excel reports can ‘ease the user’s pain’, the side effects often generate new data challenges.

5. Hair of the dog:

Don’t stop collecting data; sometimes it’s even better to increase its diversity, since the more dots you collect, the clearer the picture. It’s often exactly that one extra glass that makes it all feel much, much better.

6. Exercise

Always good to be in great shape- it ensures faster recovery from any catastrophe; having your data warehouse in place means you’re organized and ready to go, which saves a lot of trouble down the road.

7. Prevention

Well obviously this one is always the wisdom of the aftermath, but nevertheless, the best cure is always avoiding these hangovers. In data analytics, it’s always wise to adopt a holistic approach over an ad-hoc one, and invest more in selecting the best solution to address your specific needs. When you think long-term, you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel, and you can drink according to your specific capacities…

To conclude, this ‘hangover recovery manual’ from both St. Patrick’s Day and Big Data, well, let’s face it – we constantly wait for the next celebration to come, if only to rinse our minds off work and daily routines. And, what better celebration than that of the leprechauns, shamrocks and the coming of spring! But, to survive the morning after, and find yet another fascinating analytical insight to promote our business, we really need to follow those tips.