5 Trending Pharma News Articles That Jumpstarted 2015

“If you know what women want, you can rule!” So says J.M Perkins in the American Comedy, “What Women Want”. By 2014, it seemed “ruling” has never been so hard. As women become more empowered and increasingly take control of their own health and wellbeing, their expectations from pharma are changing.

“They are looking for objective health information that is concise, trustworthy, and easy to understand. Because of time constraints, they want companies to filter that information for them to meet their needs and objectives to benefit them and make their lives easier and improve their wellbeing,” says Pelin Icil, Marketing Manager, Bayer Healthcare (Women’s Health) in an eyeforpharma year-end review.

This week’s sum up is about winning the hearts of customers, mHealth, Wal-Mart, gamification and the most shared stories and predictions in Pharma and healthcare from 2014 that will jumpstart momentum for 2015 success.

With that, it’s out with the old and in with the new.

Wishing our readership healthy and happy beginnings…

1. Year in Review 2014: Digital

By Zuzanna Fimińska, published on Eye for Pharma

Zuzanna Fimińska presents in a concise manner a mix of Pharma and Healthcare top insights and issues for 2014, not just in digital, but also in Sales & Marketing, as well as Market Access. How can Pharma understand the customer mindset, how will incredible content drive healthcare, how to go on the payer journey, why closing the loop is no longer enough, how can Pharma engage with patients.

““Consumers want their medication experience to be personalized and meaningful. If their expectations are met, they’re more likely to follow the proper course of treatment longer,” says Stan Phelps, best-selling author of the Goldfish series.

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2. Healthcare Predictions For 2015

By Julie Papanek, published on TechCrunch

Julie Papanek predicts five changes to the core of the U.S. healthcare system: insurance, pharmaceuticals, supplies, medical services and payments and looks at trends. From

From Wal-Mart to Amazon:  who are the emerging new players and how will these new forces help consumers gain greater control over their care?

Taking a more specific focus, Papanek discusses why Latinos have become the most desired healthcare segment in the U.S.

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3. MedCity News’ Top 10 Most Shared Stories of 2014

By Nicole Oran, published on MedCity News

Nicole Oran takes a different approach at interpreting some of the big trends in healthcare news this year. Trying to understand what resonated with readers,  she does not qualify by clicks; rather, by most shared stories in social media.

From hatchback cars made for people in wheelchairs to remote patient monitoring forecasts, discover some of MedCity News team insights.

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4. Matt Herper’s Most-Read (And Favorite) Stories For 2014

By Matthew Herper, published on Forbes

We follow Matt Herper’s writing on a regular basis. In a few short bullets he presents his most read stories – a good representation of 2014 news and challenges in science and medicine.

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5. 12 Big Data & Pharma Industry Trends Impacting Pharma Leading Into 2015

Published on Verix Blog

2014 has witnessed innovative disruption in the healthcare and life sciences industries. In honor of the value and contributions that healthcare companies and organizations have offered us this year, here’s a rundown of the “12 Days of Pharma Industry Trends” that hit Pharma in 2014. These trends were based on the holiday favorite – “12 Days of Christmas” Carol, which were compiled earlier in December.

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