5 Trending Big Data Articles of the Week

Lately, it seems that the only thing trending and buzzing in the news is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. How could you not hear about it?

According to Sysomos social analytics data, as of August 19, 2014, there have been a total of 9.1 million online mentions about the Ice Bucket Challenge, with a total estimated reach of 4 billion people. Roughly 80% or 7.2 million of those mentions were on Twitter.

Facebook told Time Magazine there has been a total of 1.2 million unique videos related to the Ice Bucket Challenge between June 1st and August 13th.

These types of metrics are a marketer’s dream not only because of the high level of engagement but also because the engagement resulted in measurable action.

This week’s review is about big data. It is estimated that over 90% of digital data is unstructured. Atul Butte from Stanford School of Medicine once said “Hiding within those mounds of data is knowledge that could change the life of a patient, or change the world”.

So, be it ice, buckets or silos of data…sometimes it is all about simplicity, timing and greatness of heart. Happy reading!

1. The Eight Must-Have Elements for Resilient Big Data Apps

By Supreet Oberoi, published on Gigaom

Big Data has been all the hype in recent years and the excitement is only trending. As more entrepreneurs and companies are adopting big data applications, a reliable and sturdy technology is of urgent concern, claims Supreet Oberoi. In this article, Oberoi discusses the key elements to build “resilient applications: robust, tested, changeable, auditable, secure, performant, and monitorable.”

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2. If You’re Missing Fast Data, Big Data Isn’t Working for You

By Scott Jarr, published on Datanami

According to Scott Jarr, “64% of enterprises that invest in Big Data projects struggle to unlock the value of their Big Data insights.” That’s quite an astonishing number and pretty disconcerting if you are already well into big data implementation. This article provides a comprehensive view of strategies in Big (and Fast) Data and how to adopt technology to provide real-time data and value as opposed to simple storage and analysis.

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3. Infographic: How to Explain Big Data to Your Grandmother

By Chris Beaudoin, published on Solink Blog

Albert Einstein once said, ‘If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Well, how do you go on explaining big data to a jury of “grandmas”? Follow Chris Beaudoin’s infographic on the topic it’s actually enlightening for all ages – professionals included.

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4. 11 Great Things Companies are Doing with Big Data

By Dennis McCafferty, published on CIO Insight

As Big Data has become heavily adopted by companies in all kinds of industries, stories have become prevalent. Dennis McCafferty provides us with real examples of success stories from companies that have “transformed metrics into impact-making assets.”

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5. The Top 10 Mistakes in Pharmaceutical Analytics

By Greg Barlow, published on Verix

Sometimes in analytics, we take reporting so seriously that we get caught up in the minutia and fast pace of the job, missing the bigger picture that can provide capabilities to make everyone’s life easier. In the spirit of David Letterman’s Late Show, here – from the Verix home office – is the Top 10 list of ways to know your analytics may have gone astray.

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