5 Top Pharma News Articles to Maximize Your Commercial Operations Efficiency


Hello December! With 2015 approaching in less than a month, 2014 has proven to be a successful year for pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, driven by demand for key products and a series of successful launches. Next year is no less promising with advancements in a number of areas  including oncology, infectious diseases, lung, prostate and more and great potential for further M&As. This week’s compilation of top pharma news articles takes a look at trends for 2015 with a special focus on commercial operations, advanced operating models and new ways of engaging organized physicians.

As we enter a month of significance for many believers, let’s hope it to be joyful and packed with good news.

1. 10 Predictions for Pharma in 2015

Published on Pharma IQ

“It has been an eventful, worrying, reassuring, hectic kind of year in pharma in 2014,” says Gerald Clarke, Editor, Pharma IQ. “We have seen some huge policy announcements, breakthroughs, scandals, brand changes and all things in between.” 2015 will be no less boring with many challenges ahead.  Read on to discover 10 predictions for the year to come.

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2. Working the System – 4 Trends Driving New Opportunities for Engaging Physicians in Organized Provider Systems

Published on Quanita

This interesting study opens up on an important question: where have all doctors gone? It seems that by now, the industry knows the answer all too well.  More and more physicians join Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), Integrated Health Networks (IHNs), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and other organized provider systems. With pharma’s access to physicians decreasing and doors quickly closing, a shift is required in commercial engagement strategies.

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3. Transforming Life Sciences Commercial Operations Through Advanced Operating Models

Published on Genpact

According to this recent survey, compliance, cost reduction, and innovation are your Life Sciences CEO’s top concerns. This smart infographic analyzes how technology, process re-engineering, and advanced organizational structures such as shared services, and outsourcing can master these flags by making commercial operations and processes smarter.

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4. Meet The Doctor Who Wants Facebook To Have Access To Everyone’s Medical Data

By Michael Thomsen, published on Forbes

Here, we provide a change in “content scenery”… Leslie Saxon wants to know what your heart rate is, Saxon is a cardiologist and a Founder at the USC Center for Body Computing, leading an effort to connect medical implants to the Internet to monitors and treat people’s health. Discover how biometric data can help doctors better understand certain diseases.

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5. How to Create a Coherent Business Analytics Story to Make Sense of Complex Data

By Gili Keshet-Azpitz, published on Verix Blog

Businesses today need a solution to create an analytical story that would make sense of the ever-growing multitude of data collected in the organization. And that is essentially what business analytics solutions are all about – telling a story based on an overwhelmingly large data cluster. But, what differentiates business analytics solutions from one another? What is the most important factor that really distinguishes a high-end analytics solution from any other?

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