5 Top Pharma Articles on Collaboration

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Collaboration – a daunting word….

Collaboration is the act of working jointly – two or more people combining their efforts toward achieving shared or intersecting goals. Teams that work collaboratively can obtain greater resources, recognition and reward when facing competition for finite resources. Yet, much too often, sides seem to talk past each other.

A recent Accenture survey of the Pharma industry reports that two-thirds of CMOs do not view IT as strategic partners. This gap widens in the areas of analytics and big data, where 91 percent of Pharma CIOs have a “strong desire” to align with the marketing side. However, only 58 percent of CMOs express that same desire. Sadly enough, as analytics experts, we often see disconnects among constituencies and a lack of alignment between commercial operations, resulting in a lack of focus of the organization.

This week’s compile is about collaboration between physicians and sales reps, CMOs and IT, drugmakers and patients.

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1. Survey: Divergent Views on Big Data, Analytics Persist Between Pharma CIOs and Marketing Execs

By Dan Verel, published on MedCityNews

“The Pharma industry is in a period of rapid and deep change, adapting to a changing health consumer, massive advances in digital and a more dominant payer and reimbursement for outcomes environment. This is creating an urgent need and opportunity for CMOs and CIOs to collaborate to better meet new customer expectations in a digital world” states Accenture when presenting its key survey findings. Read on to see where views diverge.

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2. Patient Support Effectiveness

By Kevin Dolgin, published on Eye for Pharma

According to Dolgin, patient support programs should be based on consumer behavior theory to influence behavior regarding adherence to therapy. For decades, marketing researchers have studied consumer behavior in an effort to get people to consume more toothpaste, buy automobiles, insurance, shoes, wrist watches, toys… etc.  Doing so, they gathered a lot of information on what drives consumption and developed techniques to promote consumer use. Dolgin believes such methods can be applied to drug use adoption such as diabetes.

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3. Is There Still a Place for the Mighty Pharmaceutical Sales Force?

By Nicole Gray, published on BioPharmaDive

Gray touches on the never ending debate surrounding the diminishing but ever growing role of the pharmaceutical sales force. In her opinion sales reps are still necessary and relevant and even more so in Specialty Pharma. Read on to discover more on AstraZeneca’s oncology strategy and Sanofi’s diabetes focused dream team.

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4. The Drug Pipeline Flows Again

By Robert Langreth and Oliver Staley, published on Bloomberg

A decade after Big Pharma worried that it wouldn’t have enough drugs in the pipeline to maintain the costly research-driven business, the industry is enjoying a rush of expensive breakthrough medicines promising treatment for everything from rare cancers to hepatitis C. That has put the drug industry at odds with those picking up the tab for medical science’s successes initiating a price war.  This article is a must read on how high costs threaten the pace of innovation.

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5. How ACOs are Pushing Pharma Further Beyond the Pill

by Jonah Comstock, published on Mobihealthnews

In Comstock’s opinion, as payers and providers advance toward outcome-based medicine, the shift is affecting pharmaceutical companies along the road. As decisions about prescribing move away from the doctor, who has been the primary recipient of Pharma marketing for the past 20 years, to the C-level of integrated delivery networks (IDNs) and accountable care organizations (ACOs), Pharma is going to have to dramatically change how it sells drugs. Read this article to learn how.

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