5 Successful Pharma Articles to Launch December


This week, we opened the first month of winter and the last month of the year. December is a time of festive celebrations, but, it also usually marks the beginning of cold weather, rain and snow. World AIDS day, held on December 1st, was an opportunity to remember those lost in the sad battle of HIV and show support to the living ones.

In this week’s compile of pharma articles, we bring the personal diary of an American woman living day-to-day with the diagnosis. The sharing of her experience is an inspiration to all those newly diagnosed or living with the illness.

Among our picks, is an article from PharmExec.com, on a study conducted by AffinityMonitor tracking interactions among pharmaceutical companies and US healthcare providers. The analysis includes real-world data for 632,000 physicians and more than 100 Pharma brands – 123 million interactions in all. The numbers are astronomical.

A sample of the top 30,000 doctors received a projected 2,700 industry contacts, or 7.5 each day, including weekends and holidays.  For physicians in certain specialty areas, the number of marketing messages can grow even higher – up to twice as many. In this context, the necessity of pre-call planning with the right analytics solution is not only a necessity but an imperative.

Every detail a sales rep can look up ahead of time to know the answer is a must. There is no wasting precious time on asking unnecessary questions. The secret is to bring up the data available in databases, CRM and BI reports, get the right insights and come in ready.

Happy reading!

1. Patient perspective: Living with HIV

Published on pharmaphorum

Since its discovery in 1981, no other disease has caused so much dread and phobia as HIV AIDS. People diagnosed with the virus, or even suspected of having it, were shunned from society, causing them to suffer not only from the frightening prospects and painful symptoms, but from terrible isolation as well. 34 years of research, medical advancement and awareness activities later, though there is still no cure, we can at least, carefully, say that society is a bit more accepting. Contributing to this acceptance are the wide variety of patient stories shared through online media, showcasing the struggles, courage and, surprisingly, optimism of people living with the diagnosis every day. We choose to honor this year’s World AIDS Awareness day by sharing one such story.

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2. Seeing Through Physicians’ Eyes: Three Priorities for Pharma

By Pratap Khedkar and Malcolm Sturgis, published on PharmExec

The continuous decline of physician access for sales reps has created a rather complex marketing environment for Pharma companies, forcing them to find new channels of communication with the various healthcare providers. In this reality, digital channels, with their accessibility and rather low cost, seem like a sound alternative. But are they? According to an AffinityMonitor study of Pharma marketing efforts, physicians are overwhelmed with the volume of digital contacts to a point that some simply “tune out”. This article points out, along with insightful data from the study, three priorities Pharma companies need to solve in order to avoid losing physicians and better connect with them on a personal level.

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3. The $100 billion technology opportunity

By Nick de Cent, published on eyeforpharma

Digital transformation provides ample new opportunities for Pharma that go beyond efficiency and cost-saving measures. According to a new report by Accenture, the greater opportunity is to look more aggressively at how Pharma can potentially disrupt the value chain using therapeutic with technology solutions. This article provides a short overview on how the industry can use new business models, M&A’s and various digital approaches to become digital transformers.

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4. Five Key Issues For The Future Of Cancer IT

By Elaine Schattner, published on Forbes

The pace of advances in cancer care – new drugs, new diagnostic tests and new research findings – are too much for any human physician to keep track. To overcome the amount of data, there is an urgent need to develop and implement “super technologies” that can store, analyze and utilize the information gathered. To that instance, biotech and technology companies are working relentlessly to develop IT solutions in the growing field of oncology IT. This article relates to the five key issues for cancer patients and physicians, concerning now and future Oncology IT.

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5. High Intensity Drug Launches – Good or Bad for You?

Published on druglauncher.com

According to a recent IMS report, in the reality of smaller, specialized launches by smaller companies, Pharma players must prepare to produce a larger number of launches in a shorter time period. This intensity offers companies the chance to improve with each launch, thanks to experience. But, surprisingly enough, it seems the more a company launches new drugs, the less successful they are. In the present case, findings show that high intensity launches has a negative effect on pharmaceutical companies. Read more to discover how specialty launches impact Pharma performance.

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