5 Pharma News Articles of the Week Leading up to 2015


“What Got You Here Won’t Get You There,” says Marshall Goldsmith, and in a clear and simple statement, directs us to break bad habits that get in our way to realize our potential. This is true in business, but also in relationships and when parenting.

Paraphrasing this sentence for Pharma, Rawn Shah and Richie Etwaru ask what the industry will do when there are no more mega mergers, claiming that Pharma today will have to look beyond just market consolidation for new gains and instead focus on their own leadership. This week’s compile of pharma news articles is about mergers and buyouts, new drugs, and new digital health trends going into 2015.

On a more personal note, I invite you to join our “RXmas” Carols and enjoy a bit of the Holiday.

1. What Will Pharma Do When There Are No More Mega Mergers?

By Rawn Shah and Richie Etwaru, published on Forbes

Mega-mergers have been a fact of life in the pharmaceutical industry for decades now, according to a McKinsey article. Looking at the activity from 1995 to 2005, the top 20 in pharma merged into 11 surviving companies—heavily concentrating their market power. How will today’s Pharma challenges influence on this strategy?

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2. This Could Be the Next Big Pharma Buyout

By The Motley Fool Staff, published on The Motley Fool

Drug makers spend billions of dollars every year on acquisitions to bolster drug pipelines and boost sales. However, just because Big Pharma has a penchant for purchases, doesn’t mean one can know which companies are next in line for buying. Motley fools asked three of its analysts which companies they think could be a perfect fit for an M&A-hungry acquirer.

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3. Pharma & Biotech 2015 Preview

Published on EvaluatePharma

It seems that overall, 2015 is set to be strong year for the drug industry. A dozen of products due to be launched next year are forecast to reach blockbuster sales by 2020, including new drug classes. Cancer will also make progress with the promise of immune-oncology therapies. At the other end of the market, the lack of any really substantial patent expiries will be another boost to the industry’s top line and the M&A frenzy will keep roaring. EvaluatePharma ‘s article reviews the facts.

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4. Data and Analytics Unlocking Future of Pharma Sales Planning

By Maria Kliatchko, published on ZS Associates Insights

The only thing constant is change. But while competitive forces and cost pressures continue to be the primary drivers of change, recent technological advances around data and analytics have emerged to create opportunities for sales planning in the pharmaceutical and life science industries. Maria Kliatchko revisits what will redefine traditional cyclical sales planning processes.

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5. 5 Digital Health Trends You’ll See in 2015

By Leyl Master Black, published on Mashable

2014 has been a huge year for health tech. According to digital health incubator, StartUp Health, digital health funding in the first three quarters of 2014 has already surpassed $5 billion, close to double what was invested in all of 2013 ($2.8 billion). “Digital health funding for the year is on track to double last year’s total,” said Unity Stoakes, co-founder and president of StartUp Health. “Some trends we’re watching include a growing corporate interest in digital health, more global cross-pollination of ideas, as well as increasing health consumerism as people move into the driver’s seat when it comes to their care.” With this kind of capital pouring into the market, the health tech space should be exciting to watch in the coming years, but here’s a peek at what’s coming in 2015.

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