5 Pharma News Articles to Improve Your Decision-Making

A recent survey shows that 62% of pharmaceuticals and life sciences executives have changed their organizations’ approach to big decision-making as a result of data and analytics. They’re using new, richer sets of data and training executives on the benefits of analytical techniques. Another 24% haven’t made these types of changes yet, but plan to do so.  What’s more, in a business where 1/3 of executives value their next big decision were more, in a business at US$ 1 billion or more, it’s no longer enough to trust intuition alone. The bigger the stakes, the bigger the difference sophisticated analytics can make.

It is Einstein who once said: “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”. This week’s round up is about what it takes to reevaluate assumptions in an ever tougher business climate.

As always, happy reading!

1. Is Your Commercial Operation Ready for Healthcare 2.0?

published on Eyeforpharma, by Rita E. Numerof, Ph.D.

In this article, Rita E. Numerof presses manufacturers to ask themselves whether their current commercial operations can deliver the agility and skills to respond to a broad range of emerging needs and requirements for success in a healthcare delivery landscape, where virtually everything related to purchase decisions and market access is in flux. There is no “quick fix” to get ready for Healthcare 2.0. Read on to discover what structures are needed to address the various gaps and transit smoothly to the 2.0 generation.

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2. 10 Inevitable Changes in Pharma 2015

published on LinkedIn, by Richie Etwaru, Group Vice President CegedimRM

In this 2015 Outlook, Richie Etwaru has assembled a list of words being replaced that will help leaders in the pharmaceutical industry appreciate what’s ahead. In a smart “Out/In” list Richie reviews swiftly the trends that will be influential for the year to come.

Discover how “Call” is now “Consult”; “Communication” has been converted to “Collaboration” and more.

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3. How Pharma Can Meet Consumer Expectations

published on HealthWorks Collective, by Michael Dermer

An interesting fact: Consumers expect rewards from pharma! When asked “which of the following services would you like to receive from your pharmaceutical company?” rewards programs topped the list at 63 percent. Surprisingly enough, only 10 percent say they have been offered the opportunity to do so. While working towards greater patient satisfaction, pharma should also consider building mechanisms to rewards patients loyal to its brands. Michael Dermer discusses how integrating such incentives into the patient experience can help drive important goals such as medication adherence and get Pharma closer to the consumer.

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4. Infographics – Are You Prepared to Make the Decisions that Matter Most?

Results from PwC’s Global Data and Analytics Survey 2014

Patient data, precision medicine, mHealth and more. Health services are marketed, delivered and financed in ways that were unthinkable a short time ago. Be it new drug launches or precall planning, no time for indecisiveness, a quest for better analytics.

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5. 5 Tips for Picking the Most Cost-Effective Pharma Business Analytics Solution

by Gili Keshet Aspitz, published on Verix Blog

The end of the year is around the corner and commercial operation departments are preparing budgets for next year. Pharma business analytics has always been a tough one. In this article, we discover the best methods for picking the most efficient and cost-effective pharma business analytics solution for your business to succeed.

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