5 Pharma Articles You Want to Read – No Questions Asked

In the late 1990s, Jenise Doutsas was working at a hospital in Detroit when she found out she was about to be laid off as result of institutional changes. Jenise is today’s Global Strategic Lead, Fertility at Ferring soon to be relocated in Europe. What started like a downturn proved to be the path for a steady, agile and smart trajectory. Many of the emerging pharma leaders in our opening article for this week demonstrate extraordinary thinking and creativity. They remind us that ultimately pharma remains at heart a people business. With that, here are this week’s top pharma articles. Happy reading!

1. Pharm Exec’s 2014 Emerging Pharma Leaders

Published on Pharma Exec Blog

Michael Injaychock, one of the leaders of this year’s ranking says: “don’t turn reality into an excuse not to get the goal.” In an industry riddled with disruptions from new technologies to endless restructuring, what does it take to create a winner?

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2. The Future of Oncology is Now: An Interview with Novella Clinical CEO Richard Staub

By Lisa Henderson, published on Applied Clinical Trials

Richard Staub, CEO of Novella, discusses post-acquisition life, outsourcing, and emerging trends in oncology. In this interview with Lisa Henderson, Staub shares his opinion on immunotherapies, R&D findings and what is fueling the transformation of oncology.

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3. Guess What? Doctors Don’t Care About Your Fitbit Data

By Mark Sullivan, published on Venture Beat

Seems like health wearables are hotties at the moment. How could it not be with giants such as Google, Apple and Samsung leading the way? With doctors’ spending their day battling 30 year old fax machines to get your last lab report and concerns about data liability, you will find that most doctors have little time for, or interest in, using wellness data collected by wearable devices.

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4. Can We Harness “Big Data” Effectively?

By Nick de Cent, published on Eye for Pharma

“From new healthcare products to the way we conduct clinical trials, “big data” is poised to transform the pharma landscape.” This is quite a powerful statement by Nick de Cent, who discusses how the pharma industry is headed towards a brave new world of big data, analytics and real-world services.

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5. 4 Sales Pipeline Disasters Worth Avoiding

By Gili Keshet, published on Verix Blog

Medical Device Sales Reps have a reputation as top earners in the life sciences industry. However, their journey to success isn’t as smooth as people think. The sales pipeline can be a bit more complication – with many products available, diverse customer to deal with, and a variety of payers involved. Read this article to view the sales pipeline pitfalls that could be prevented and what you can do to alleviate them.

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