5 Pharma Article Round Ups and Predictions for 2015 Leading Into 2016

This week’s Pharma articles curation is the last one for 2015.

Looking at the past year, much has happened – from the FDA breaking a 19 year record in new drugs approval (with an outstanding number of orphan drugs indicated for the treatment of rare diseases), to disruption of healthcare by non-traditional players, M&A’s, personalized medicines taking a leap forward, health care costs being center scene, patient centricity or more accurately “competing on customer experience”, and wearables, etc.

It’s about “disruption”, IoT, “innovation”, “access to care” and the “New Health Economy”.

There are new kids in town, they are Google, Apple, Microsoft, Fujifilm and Samsung, to name a few, with new business models. It is hard to keep up in an industry that has taken a huge leap forward in just one year.

In this compile of Pharma articles, we have picked some insightful 2015 sum ups and 2016 predictions, reviewing various topics, including new drug approvals, Nanobots and “New Health Economy”.

It certainly is worth a read for people looking to get a better picture of what’s ahead in the industry.

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Happy reading and a very, very, happy and successful 2016 New Year!

1. Predictions for 2016 – Pharma and Beyond

By Dr. Andree Bates, published on eyeforpharma

It will come as no surprise that technological advancement is the major building block of the future. In the next decade or so, artificial intelligence will exceed biological capabilities, Nanobots will change the face of modern medicine and printable drugs will rule the market.

Therefore, it is no wonder that the healthcare industry is feeling the disruption by technology giants and is forced to change its traditional ways of operation, world outlook and business models.

In this comprehensive round-up of predictions, Dr. Andree Bates reviews these trends and many others that will shape not only the Pharma world, but the reality as we know it.

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2. Top Health Industry Issues of 2016


Relying on an online survey of 1000 US adults representing a cross-section of the population, this PWC report provides an extensive overview of prominent healthcare trends for 2016.

High profile M&A’s will continue to proliferate through the Pharma industry, biosimilars will offer some counterweight to rising drug prices and technological advancements will provide more and better healthcare access, creating a power shift from industry to consumer.

This is just a taste of the 10 forces expected to impact the industry, highlighted in this report.

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3. Major Pharma Group Outlook In 2016: Fundamentals To Outweigh Political Headwinds

By Jennifer Lynn, published on Yahoo Finance

New drug launches are always a major interest for anyone in Pharma, as each launch has the potential to profoundly affect the market.

Looking towards 2016, JPMorgan executives address several important launches and pipeline updates from some of the industry’s major players – Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Opdivo, AbbVie’s Humira and Biosimilars, Merck’s Januvia And Anacetrapib, Eli Lilly: Upcoming Launches and Zoetis continued growth.

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4. 2015 in Review: New Drug Approvals – the FDA Hits a 19 Year-Record

By Simon King, published on FirstWord Pharma

2015 proved to be a very busy year for the FDA, approving 43 new drugs and hitting a 19 year old approval record.

Analysis of therapeutic areas as well as awarded priority review vouchers shows a substantial focus on orphan drugs – over a third of all new drug approvals, and cancer treatments – just under a third.

This meticulous review of 2015 FDA drug approvals provides a clear image of what the market can look forward to in upcoming years.

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5. Top 10 Healthcare Predictions For 2016

By Reenita Das, published on Forbes

If you reached this far in our year end summary you’ve probably noticed that almost all our presented reviews and predictions focus on a specific aspects of the Pharma industry.

This is not the case in this particular Forbes piece.

Looking from a global perspective, Reenita Das covers a wide variety of topics and issues set to influence the healthcare market in 2016, including the expanding footprint of retail care, the expansion of private insurance in India, the effects of POC test platforms commercialization and the rise of the global regenerative medicine market.

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