5 Must-Read Pharma Articles of the Week

While some of us enjoy a well-deserved summer vacation, industry does not rest. This week brings a wide array of valuable pharma articles and opinions on topics related to regulation, bureaucracy in medicine, mobile healthcare and more. For those of you who stayed in the office, please fill up a hot cup of coffee and read on to discover the latest news. Happy reading!

1. Why the Time is Ripe for Pharma to Embrace Mobile
By Aryeh Lebeau, published on Medical Marketing & Media

There has been heavy discussion for years in the e-health community over pharma’s place in social media. However, no matter how big the opportunity is, it seems the issue remains treated by the industry as an afterthought and companies are missing on a one-time chance to engage with their audience. Aryeh Lebeau states “that there is an explosion of health focused smartphones and tablet users” and discusses a recent study conducted by Digitas Health last year showing that patients who use smartphones in the exam room are twice as likely to ask for a drug by name! In a context of physician access declining, who can overlook this important fact?

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2. FDA Readies Social Media Rules For Big Pharma
By Joanna Belbey, published on Forbes

Social media plays an increasingly important role in the marketing and communications plans for pharmaceutical firms. According to Joanna Belbey, trends point to patients and healthcare professionals using social media to research, communicate and influence buying decisions. There are already examples of pharmaceutical firms who are already successfully using social media. However, many firms have been waiting on the sidelines waiting for guidance from the regulator, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Is it worth seating on the bench?

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3. Communiqué to Sales Reps: With Today’s Docs, It’s the Medium and the Message
By Tracy Staton, published on Fierce Pharma Marketing

We have discussed in a recent article the fact that nearly half of the physician population closes the doors to sales reps. This staggering number changed dramatically just within the past 6 years, according to Tracy Staton. In this in-depth article, Staton covers the tactics needed to successfully approach physicians. With a marketing mix of over 50 channels available nowadays sales reps challenges keep changing.

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4. Sympathy for the Doctor
By Elaine Schattner, published on Forbes

Physicians’ time is one of the most precious commodities in health care. However it seems that they keep dealing with endless bureaucracy. Elaine Schattner takes a unique approach to uncovering the side and pain-points of physicians. Read on to discover the burning issues affecting physicians and sales rep alike.

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5. Is Gamification the Up-and-Coming Trend in Pharma?
By Greg Barlow, published on Verix Blog

With the implementation of the ACA, pharma is utilizing a variety of techniques to improve patient outcomes. From tracking anonymized patients through the treatment process to building websites around disease states, pharma is getting closer to patients than ever before. Could pharma build similar use cases with gamification methods to support better health?

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