5 Leading Pharma News Articles to Start Off Your Spring


Robin Williams once said: “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!”. And indeed party it is: days are longer, nature is blooming and Easter is around the corner.

This week has been about Biogen revealing promising early data on experimental Alzheimer’s treatment, the FDA approving 10 new drugs on way to match last year’s total of 41, Pharmacyclics execs and directors to share almost $4 billion from the sale of the drug maker to AbbVie, the pharmaceutical industry spending $4.5 billion on DTC ads, a 21% increase over last year’s figures and much more.

This week’s compile brings the Affordable Care Act, a topic we have not brushed on in a while and together with that healthcare and transparency, understanding the patient journey in oncology, the implications of data silos when it comes to rare genetic disorders and specialty pharma drug launches.

Happy reading!

1. Report: The ACA has spurred massive innovation in healthcare

By Dan Verel, published on MEDCITY News

According to Verel, the Affordable Care Act has helped usher an entire new health economy that has led to the creation of at least 90 new companies since 2010, centered primarily around consumer-driven innovations.

A new PwC report lists five key reasons following the ongoing pitched political battle of the ACA that have starkly altered the industry landscape: a shift in risk; emphasis on primary care; new entrants; a rapid change in insurance from wholesale to retail; and the role of states that have or have not embraced the law. Read on to discover how the ACA dedicated more than $31 billion to boost primary care.

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2. Empowerment: Why Healthcare Should Equal Transparency

By Josh Epperson, published on MEDCITY News

In this series, Epperson looks at brands that understand the deeper needs and pain points of their consumers in order to shine a light on how healthcare companies can create compelling solutions and build powerfully human brands for the good of their patients. This week he takes a closer look at Nest, discussing how thermostats ultimately empowered customers through information and visual tracking updates.

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3. Cancer: Understanding the Patient Journey Contributed

By Denise Myshko, published on PharmaVoice

Myshko raises the question of what it means to be patient centric in Pharma – specifically when it comes to oncology. Is it patient engagement? Is it addressing patient compliance? How should the industry deal with patients who are extremely well informed and those who step back waiting for their medical team to provide information? Read on to discover real-life examples of challenges patients close to the medical field faced when diagnosed with cancer.

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4. Data Silos: Healthcare’s Silent Shame

By David Shaywitz, published on Forbes

Shaywitz discusses data silos when it comes to rare diseases claiming that “if every cancer center, every rare disease center shared their data fully, then as a whole, these data would be profoundly more valuable and useful”. It seems clear that in such conditions, patients with unusual mutations would have higher chances to find others with similar conditions – yet not much is done in that direction and Shaywitz presents why.

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5. A Patient-Centric Approach to a Successful Drug Launch – 3 Tips on How to Do It

By Tanya Abarbanel, published on Verix

Small shifts in categorization methods and marketing perceptions can very well make the difference between a successful drug launch and a failing one. It is without a doubt a time of patient-centric approaches to marketing and data analysis in the pharmaceutical industry, and this applies to the way we organize and categorize our data sets as well.

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