5 Leading Articles in the Pharma Analytics Industry


In a recent Wall Street Journal Experts post, Drew Harris discussed two known megatrends that will fundamentally alter our traditional understanding of health care and the very idea of health itself. First, we are in the midst of a volume-to-value revolution in the health-care system.

Second, there is an explosion in the number of wearable gadgets and gizmos that measure health. Apple, Google and numerous smaller companies and startups are racing to find ways to monitor every aspect of our lives.

Data is the key to both trends. Accountable care is driven by it. The provider who is better at sharing and integrating complex health information will have better health outcomes and lower costs because coordinated health care is effective health care. They will be able to identify the sick before they get sicker and control quality as never before.

This week’s news bring a wide array of topics touching on trends and leadership. Happy reading!

1.       Pharma Outsourcing Driving Need for Cloud-Based Services

By Rahul Jain, published on The outsource Blog

With shifts from “high-margin branded drugs in Western regions to low-margin generics in emerging markets,” there has been an increase in the adoption of new business models by successful bio/pharmaceutical companies that include significantly more outsourcing and require of costs along the value chain. ERP systems have been effective for the internal management of sourcing and production but are limited when it comes to managing extended relationships and multidirectional communications. Companies are therefore turning to cloud-based services for greater transparency and collaboration.

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2.       Doctors Find Barriers to Sharing Digital Medical Records

By Julie Creswell, published on New York Times

In this article, Julie Creswell reveals the challenging experiences physicians undergo with regard to medical devices and e-health systems that are unable to share patient records. These physicians have been left in the dark and been facing major pressures by regulators, with each manufacturing company uninterested in helping them solve the problem. Have you come across these challenges? Read this article to see how the industry has made strides in this area.

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3.       6 Key Attributes of a Chief Analytics Officer

By Rob O’Regan, published on CIO Magazine

“Organizations need leaders who can turn big data into a strategic asset, but not everyone is cut out for the job,” says Rob O’Reagan. In this article, O’Reagan uncovers the 6 characteristics you must attain to be a Chief Analytics Officer. “Do you have the skills and temperament to become a CAO?”

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4.       Patient Centricity: Beyond the Wall or Beyond the Milky Way?

By Annie Reiss, published on Verix Blog

Call it advocacy groups, health consumer advocates, consumer organizations, bloggers… the patient voice is more powerful than ever. “Listen up!” they say. If you really want to understand what’s affecting people with any condition, look at their communities, because that’s where you will hear the truth. With regulations and risks on how close companies can engage with their patients, these companies must overcome obstacles. Check out this article to see what it takes to bridge the gap between the patients’ “Listen up!” call and engagement.

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5.       Is Your Launch Factory Ready?

By Greg Barlow, published on Verix Blog

Launching a drug can be the most exciting time for a pharmaceutical company.  So much work has been done to bring the product through the research, clinical trial and FDA approval processes, and now eyes are turning to the commercial team to bring all that science to fruition and help the patient. Continue on to discover what it takes for the factory to “manufacture” an effective product launch.

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