5 Fundamental Pharma Articles of the Week

This week, we brought you some of the best new articles surrounding trending issues and news in the Life Sciences and Tech industry, from wearable Med Tech to key insights personally given by leading visionaries in the life sciences sector. With that, I invite you to enjoy these 5 essential Pharma articles to ensure you’re up to date with all the movers and shakers in Pharma.

1. Why Gaining Influence is Now About Building Community
by Rob Asghar, published on Forbes

It is no secret that influence in the Pharma industry is crucial to succeeding in the sales and marketing of a product. “Talk about community is cheap,” Rob Asghar says. Does this imply that companies are not living up to what they are promising? Read this article to see how to create a strong community of people online and offline and become a true influencer in the Pharma community.

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2. Improving Clinical Research with High-Speed Data Transfer Technologies
by Chris Andrews, published on MedCityNews

Results from studies show that using new technologies for research have proven to be too expensive and complicated. The past few years have been invested in finding new and improved ways to efficiently exchange and analyze large data sets given by these technologies. However, limitations still have been experienced by research teams to find the best solution to transferring data. Read this article in detail to discover how life sciences organizations are transferring large data sets long distance and speeding the transition to the cloud.

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3. 9 Guiding Principles for Navigating Multichannel in Healthcare
by Selina Wragg, published on Eye for Pharma

The title speaks for itself. Wragg states, “The RIGHT message, to the RIGHT customer, at the RIGHT time, through the RIGHT channel is something we’ve all heard before, and some may argue are tired of hearing. The interesting thing is this: previously, this statement was nothing more than an aspirational goal of multichannel, however, now it’s an achievable reality.” Check out this article to view the 9 guiding principles to building a concrete multichannel marketing strategy.

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4. 11 Truths of Digital Health
by Janvi Shah, published on Rock Health

The topic of digital health is a hot issue circulating in the life sciences industry. What better way to understand the trends than to “pick the minds of leading thinkers in the industry?” Read this article in more depth to view the best 11defining statements in digital health from top visionaries in the life sciences industry.

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5. Medical Devices and Technology Take Wearables to a Whole New Level
by Greg Barlow, published on Verix Blog

Two powerhouses in their respective fields, Novartis’s Alcon division and Google, have recently inked a deal to create a “smart” contact lens to help diabetics track their sugar levels. Novartis said that the medical technology used in the lenses could have other applications, which prompts a couple of questions: Will we continue to see this type of convergence and partnership? Will the tech industry synergize its skills in engineering and big data analysis with the health care industry? Read this article to get our take of what the future of Med Tech will look like.

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