5 More Fundamental Pharma Articles You Cannot Miss


Guess what? No one has cracked the code for patient centricity yet! Adding the issue to your chairman statement simply won’t do. In this week’s Pharma articles round up, we continue our journey on these important topic. Discover what marketers should learn from Trip Advisor and Expedia on how hospitals can enhance customer experience. Also, what is the secret “P” word required to succeed in the Pharma world. Do you have what it takes?

As always, happy reading!

1. The Journey Towards Patient Centricity: Part 2

By Deirdre Coleman, Eyeforpharma

In the second part of this series, Eyeforpharma’s Deirdre Coleman discusses with Dr. Lode Dewulf, Vice-President, Chief Patient Affairs Officer, UCB, what is required to relentlessly improve patient experience in everything you decide, plan and do. Additionally, Coleman shares how to overcome the classic resistance to change that exists in Pharma.

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2. What Marketing Can Do For Hospitals

By Punam Anand Keller, Forbes

Hospitals are facing a world of transparency and competition and they would do well to consult the marketing playbook that hotels and other service businesses use to enhance their customers’ experience. In this article, Punam Anand Keller discusses how marketing theory is driving a shift from provider empowerment to customer empowerment.

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3. 5 Most Important P-Words for Success

By Joseph Gulfo, Inc.

After defeating the FDA in a very public, drawn-out, and tragic battle that took everything he had and more, Joseph Gulfo revisits his recipe for success. Is it Passion, Perspective, Personality or just old simple Perseverance? Discover what is needed to win unprecedented battles.

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4. The Global Problem With Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment

By Alexandra Sifferlin, Time

“Two new studies make a case against too much medicine,” states Alexandra Sifferlin. Diseases like cancer are being overdiagnosed due to screening guidelines, which in turn results in overtreatment that do not impact a person’s health. The solution? Consider patient individuality and inform men and women of their options. Seems like “real” patient centricity starts here.

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5. Pharma Lead & Learn: An interview with Cindie Dilley, President PMSA

What are the challenges faced by the industry? Who are the influencers paving the way? What are some of the game-changing strategies in data analytics? Why should data scientists feel like “Kings of the World with great responsibilities”? Cindie Dilley discusses with Verix what it takes to become a leader in Pharma analytics and where the market is headed.

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