5 Big Data & Pharma Articles You Cannot Miss

Another week has gone by quickly, but not without valuable material available to us via the Web. Top publications and news outlets have provided critical insights from some of the most influential players in the Big Data industry and Pharma field. We have personally hand-picked another batch of trending news, which we believe you have to read, on your spare time of course! With that, check out the top 5 Big Data and Pharma articles of the week. Happy reading!

1. FirstWord Lists: Pharma’s Biggest Pipeline Drugs
By Simon King, published on FirstWord Pharma

According to current forecasts, “pharma’s 20 largest pipeline drugs will generate global sales of approximately $40 billion by 2020.” Oncology drugs dominate the list, with immunotherapies in particular expected to make a notable commercial impact. Check out Pharma’s biggest pipeline drugs and discover where the race for market leadership rages.

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2. Legal Experts Call for More Regulation of Mobile Health Apps
By Veronica Thomas, published on Common Health

We have discussed the trend of mHealth in the Life Sciences industry and the benefit of using such technologies to engage with patients to develop novel therapeutics and improve outcomes. According to a new report just published in the New England Journal of Medicine, about 100 out of 100,000 mHealth apps available on the market have been FDA-approved. Veronica Thomas discusses the pros and cons of strict regulation. Check out this article to find out what can be expected of regulatory clarity and professionalization of mHealth.

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3. Big Data: It’s Never Been Easier to Seek Out Better Outcomes for Patients
By Jeff Elton, published on Accenture Blog

Sander van ‘t Noordende, Products Group Chief Executive of Accenture, posted a on his LinkedIn page a piece that highlights the incredible power of combining Electronic Medical Records (EMR) with other data sources to change how to treat patients in a much more personalized and impactful way. Read on to see the effect of this change and what’s new in how healthcare is delivered to patients.

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4. VIDEO: Data Science, Big Data and Statistics – Can We All Live Together?
by Terry Speed

This video, presented at the Chalmers Initiative Seminar on Big Data, April 2014, introduces speaker, Terry Speed, Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne, and emeritus professor in Statistics at University of California at Berkeley. Speed gives his insight on issues of Big Data issues, provides tips and suggestions for analysts.

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5. How to Overcome Sales Rep Barriers
By Greg Barlow, published on Verix Blog

With the change in the healthcare landscape, sales reps are facing tougher challenges in accessing physicians. According to research, close to half of all doctors in the United States are now considered “access restricted” to various degrees. For specialty reps, the task at hand is even more critical. As access declines, something must change in the traditional sales model to enable the commercial team to successfully sell their product and raise engagement level. Read this article to find out the current challenges sales reps are facing and the ways to overcome them.

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