3 Signs It’s a Perfect Love


Every year on Valentine’s Day new couples join the great pool of lovers. Some last and some fade, but are there any signs for a perfect love? Wouldn’t it be great if we could all identify the signs and save ourselves so many heartaches?

But hey- here’s a crazy idea- why don’t we think of a perfect love like we think of a perfect data analytics solution? Yes, it doesn’t sounds as romantic or even remotely as interesting, but what if they have more in common than you’d think? After all, data analytics solutions are a business man’s closest partner, especially in Pharma.

So here are 3 signs it’s a perfect data analytics solution for you, and surprisingly or not, they work pretty well with love too-

1. Does your partner listen to you?

Did you know data can listen? Well, maybe not in the common sense of the word, but in terms of embedding your insights and changes into the analysis system. A perfect data analytics solution has to be dynamic and flexible enough, to incorporate new information and changes into the already-running system. The changing environment in Pharma is so fast and dynamic, you have to have a solution that re-analyses your data on-the-fly. After all, if your partner doesn’t listen, what’s the point in talking at all? A listening partner is the first sign of a sophisticated system, and the first sign of an attentive lover.

2. Not just a pretty face

You see, pretty faces are real nice; they’re attractive, they’re aesthetic and they make us smile. But they don’t tell the whole story. They don’t testify on the real backstage personality. And between us, the backstage is what really counts. That’s why data analytics solutions that focus only on the front-end are usually very impressive-looking, with colored charts and clean, aesthetic graphs. But they don’t show the inside; when data fits into place too perfectly, without any exceptions, deviations or irregularities, it just can’t be real. Reality is full of sharp deviations, dynamic changes of trends and economic pits and falls, political changes and more, so how can an analytical description of that reality be so perfect and flawless? It can’t. A perfect data analytics solution is an end-to-end solution, offering backstage analytic processes that create a truthful display of the dynamic reality, and not just a pretty one. And so another sign of a perfect love, is a wonderful personality to fit the pretty face, if not replace it all together.

3. Does your partner look around?

Well, as opposed to romance, this is often considered a good sign in Pharma analytics: taking all of the data into account, not limiting the analysis to small-time occasions, but rather to a dynamic reality full of events. However, taken too far, this could lead to a completely false analysis, focused on irrelevant events and insignificant numbers, which in turn could lead to a completely wrong decision making process, causing enormous damage. And so identifying and establishing clear specifications regarding the data that needs to be taken into account, is a vital part of the process. This is one of the hardest tasks in our Big Data world, but it is crucial to allow for a realistic decision making process. So when data analysis is consisted of scattered irrelevant pieces of information, when it shoots at everything that seems “pharma related”, it’s probably not the perfect data analytics solution. And though too much jealousy is never a good thing in love, a healthy amount of it is our third sign it might just be a perfect love.

It’s clear we are no experts in romance, but love and data analytics seem to share some insights, that might be useful in both areas of expertise. However, if possible, try not to bring up data analytics on your coming Valentine’s Day date, it might not be the best move towards a romantic evening…

Happy Valentine’s Day!