2 Ways to Beat Competition and Lead a Successful Drug Launch

What does it take to successfully launch a new drug in today’s competitive Pharma market?
That is the question.

Up until a while ago, it was the time of blockbusters, patents, huge-scale, army-like launches aiming to take over the market. But, times change and today, the Pharma industry is faced not only with more market access hurdles – launches are also becoming increasingly numerous, smaller and more competitive.

In this incredibly competitive environment, many launches fail to meet prelaunch expectations and it seems pressure will only continue to rise as launches in the coming years are expected to increase in more than 100% from 2005.

The perfect drug launch

Although cracking the code for an ever-successful launch is impossible due to constant external world-wide developments, two qualities stand out as being the most essential for every launch plan to overcome today’s competitive landscape:

  1. Speed
  2. Positioning

These two qualities give your launch strategy agility, flexibility and strength against competition and the ever-changing market landscape.

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